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We Have Just Added a New Series to Our Line.
You've worked hard all your life, isn't it time you receive the luxury you deserve? Take a look at our Pearl Living Series. Designed with today's mature buyers in mind. Secure, luxurious and convenient.
Ask about our buyers' incentive program for seniors over 55
Designed with our StrongBox patented technolgy (file No. 47871-108793) and manufactured at our production facility in Clarksville, IN [GHK Truss, LLC], R-Evolution Living can be configured from a single VPU [Velocity Protection Unit] to an unlimited amount of connected VPUs in an infinite array of layouts and designs. Whether your need is for a 960 square foot home or a 9,600 square foot meandering homestead that walks you through the woods, R-Evolution Living is the clear choice. All while offering total safety and protection of your family, possessions or business. Ranging from the impressive Melbourne to the incredible Visiot, the ultimate in human habitation, we have the design for you!
Build on your land or ours! Contact us for details.
Some examples of what the VPU models can look like are shown below:
The Melbourne   _______  model# RLMS01
The Melbourne _______ model# RLMS01
A single VPU. Can be made from a 1 bed, 1 bath home into a 3 bed, 2 bath home, or added as a collection of suites. 960 square feet. GREEN materials and technology throughout with upgradable options (such as photovoltaic tiles to run the AC during the summer months). Unit price starts at $168,750 based on location.
Series Blue  _________ model# RLSBS02
Series Blue _________ model# RLSBS02
This staggered, T, L or side-by-side VPU series offers incredible value at 1,920 sq ft. Designs range from the contemporary liquid lines style, so much a trademark of R-Evolution Living, to the "Chicago", a beautiful neoclassical design featuring classic roof lines, front porches and neighborhood curb appeal. Blue can be fashioned in a multitude of ecclectic styles. Models start at $398,000 based on location.
The Sojourn Series____  model# RLSS204
The Sojourn Series____ model# RLSS204
This spacious 3 plus VPU series boasts a 2,880 square feet entry model on up to whatever your square footage needs may be. Perfect for those seeking the luxury of larger designs. Styles suited for California to Chicago and beyond. Series pricing starts at $620,000 based on location.
The Pearl Living Series __ model# RLPS01
The Pearl Living Series __ model# RLPS01
Smaller and elegant, the Pearl Living Series is designed specifically for the mature buyer. Secure, luxurious and convenient, these VPU models range from 1,680 to 2,880 square feet and offer the highest level of living. 10% savings for senior buyers over 55. Starting at $345,000.
The Crown Series _____ model# RLCS106
The Crown Series _____ model# RLCS106
Ranging from 2,000 to 30,000 square feet (or more), this resort style series is geared for those who require more space while offering the safety and security that only R-Evolution Living can provide. Can be fashioned from the functional home to the most opulent mansion. This series is custom made to accomodate the desires of the owner and the envirnment in which it is built. Model prices based on build out.
The Stylex  ___________ model# RLS114
The Stylex ___________ model# RLS114
Used for commercial applications such as office buildings, village utility buildings or specialty businesses. Equipped with the internal needs that these areas require. Computer networking, telephony accomodations, restroom areas, drinking fountain plumbing, internal glass office walls, etc. Same GREEN technology as in all models. Unit price starts at $255,900 based on location.
The Visiot  _____________ model# VL101
The Visiot _____________ model# VL101
The ultimate display of grandeur and opulence! The Visiot, a single VPU, embraces every amenity of the highest caliber available. Marble floors, translucent stone inlays, gold fixtures, customized Italian cabinetry, motorized drapes, programmable lighting, audiophile sound environment, glass block water fall walls and more. Attach as many Visiots as desired to create the palace of your dreams. Starting at $1,395,000 based on location and design. Visiot SST starting at $2,995,000.
For more information on our entire Visiot Living line please go to http://www.visiotliving.com/To-Purchase-Or-Contact.html
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